Theresa Gilmore

Nationally Certified Acupuncture Physician

I was introduced to these wonderful healing systems in 1993 when one of my pet cats became ill. I knew that conventional veterinary medicine did not have the answer I was looking for. A steroid, the standard treatment for this condition, was the medicine my mom’s cat was given for the same ailment. Mom’s cat never got better and, rather than thriving, really only existed with this steroid treatment for the rest of her life. I was looking for a way to not only treat my cat, but get her back to normal healthy living. I found that true healing with homeopathy, and my cat was like her young self again.

It was then that I realized I could use some healing myself. I joined a homeopathic study group and then found acupuncture and all the wonderful healing systems that come with it. I spent the next handful of years studying homeopathy and getting acupuncture and homeopathic treatment for myself and my pets. Feeling better than I had in more than twenty years, I decided I wanted to spread the word and help others in their quest for healthy living. I enrolled in acupuncture school at the Southeast Institute of Oriental Medicine and graduated after four years of study as valedictorian in 2002.

Immediately upon graduating and passing the Boards, two fellow students and I went to New York and trained at the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center where we became certified to treat those with substance abuse issues. During our time in New York, we volunteered to treat stress victims in a hospital near the site of the Twin Towers disaster. It was In New York that I realized how powerful this energy medicine could be.


Back in Miami, I began treating family and friends and continued to study while still working as a letter carrier for the US Postal Service. I also continue to use homeopathic medicine for my cats. Healing is my passion and I have retired from the Postal Service to follow that passion. I am nationally certified by NCCAOM and continue to learn the latest techniques as well as some ancient secrets not taught in school. I am a trained volunteer for MRC, Medical Reserve Corps, in Miami-Dade which responds in the event of a state or national emergency.

Some of my outside activities include volunteering as a director for the World Golf Championship at Doral in Miami, where I organize the volunteer side of the tournament. The money we pay to volunteer goes to several children’s charities in the community including The First Tee. I also enjoy volunteering at the Deering Estate in Palmetto Bay. I am a member of the Coral Gables Orchid Society and enjoy gardening.

Give the Gift of Health!

Show your staff and coworkers you appreciate them by treating them to the gift of relaxation.  For a full-body treat, we come to your office with a massage table for a soothing session that will relieve your employees’ tension and stress.   Call 305-812-1844 or contact her by e-mail below to book an appointment.

Theresa Gilmore, LAc
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