I’m in a business networking group, BNI, that tries to keep us creative and on our toes.  If you are building/growing your business, I highly recommend joining.  Some weeks we have to write a poem or make up a song as our commercial for the week. Below are several of the fun things I have come up with, including the song at the bottom using “Hey Jude” as the music.  I am not a great singer, but got through it without incident and actually won commercial of the week with the following poem:

Acupuncture treats the symptoms of stroke, it can also treat addictions if you smoke.
It’s good for the kidney and gallbladder including a stone, and many other kinds of  pain that make you moan.
I can treat your eyes if they are puffy and your nose when it is stuffy.
What sets me apart in my profession is you get all of my attention.
It is my whole mission to keep your disease in remission
so you can keep your good health and build your wealth.
Because of the needles you may  want to refrain,
but give me a chance and I’ll get rid of your pain.


If alcohol makes you go berserk
And you have a hard time getting up for work
Acupuncture can get you back in good grace
So your spouse doesn’t call you a total disgrace.


Hey dude, are you in pain, it is new, or has it been forever                                                                                       Remember, I’m trained in acupuncture, so I can help, you feel, much better                                                                   Hey dude, don’t be afraid, there’s no need to be a regretter                                                                                                The minute, the needles get under your skin, you will begin, to feel, much better