I was lucky and thankful to be included to join #HumlaFund last September for an acupuncture pilgrimage to Nepal.  Nineteen of us, most from the United States except a lovely human, a beautiful lady named Florence Rolando from Portugal that was my room/tent mate for the trip. We traveled to the most northwestern part of the Himalayas in Nepal after gathering in Kathmandu and hiked from Simikot to a handful of villages to give acupuncture, moxa and herbal medicine to the lovely people of the Humla valley.  The group included eight acupuncturists, a yoga instructor, a nurse, and several others that wanted to take in the experience of giving back to the world. The views were spectacular, the fresh food we ate was highly nourishing, the people were so friendly and grateful, and the weather was perfect except for the first day of rain.  I came home a different person…feeling grateful, peaceful, blessed, humbled, rewarded, patient and so much more.