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Homeopathy Gave Me Relief From Depression


I met Theresa through what I call a God-incidence.  I was going through a very challenging time.  Poor choices had led to the loss of finances, the end of a relationship and some grave, very serious personal issues.  To say I was depressed was an understatement.  I had lost ME and was incapable of getting thru each day without a breakdown of some sort.  I lived in a perpetual prison of obsession, anxiety and depression.
During my first meeting with Theresa I sensed a recognition that only two souls who are destined to meet can sense.  While telling her the details of what had led me to this place, I noticed her eyes tear up.  My heart melted.  I knew I was in the presence of a very caring woman.  I trusted her.
She spoke to me about homeopathic remedies and explained their role in bringing someone back to balance, health and vitality.  I took several doses of the remedy over a few weeks time and began to feel a new mindset start to emerge.  The usual "lows" that had been the backdrop to my everyday experience began to not be there.  I would feel normal and even great at times.  This continued and in time I noticed I felt good more often.  Light shined back into my life and once again I had reclaimed power and began the long journey back to ME.
Theresa is a healer.  She is very knowledgeable about what constitutes optimum health, and I would recommend her to anyone.


Double Vision Cured


Several weeks ago I began seeing double: two flags on the green, four people walking the fairway when there were only two, and most disconcerting seeing two cars instead of one while driving.
Theresa gave me one acupuncture treatment and in the first five days I saw double only once. I had another treatment and it cured my double vision. It is now four weeks and my vision is normal thanks to her knowledge and expertise.


Ann McFadden

A Skeptic Convinced


I have been treated by Theresa for over a year now. It is a pleasure to submit this testimonial as I can highly recommend her treatments, her professional attitude and kindly approach.
She listened to my stories, asked questions, suggested a treatment and at all times explained how the treatment would work.

I remain without a medical diagnosis from my regular MD or my Gastro specialist or the hospital doctors that treated me 5 times in 2 years. Since commencing Theresa's holistic approach to my care, I feel 100 % better. My condition is under control and I look forward to continuing my therapy under her instruction.

I had a deep bone pain in my right forearm for over forty years after going through a glass door.  Theresa gave me a homeopathic medicine to take a few times and the pain is gone since last July. Amazing!

I do not profess an understanding of these matters, but to be honest I do not care. It works, that's all that's important. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in improving their health.

Gareth Scott

Relief from Anxiety and Stress


"If you suffer from anxiety and stress and cannot find a way to let your mind and body come to a completely peaceful and restful state, I highly recommend that you let Theresa work on you with her massage. You will be amazed and how good you feel afterwards. The good feeling stays in your body and mind for several days. Theresa is both very professional and very knowledgeable in Oriental Medicine and massage, and I highly recommend her."

Daphne Gurri Matute

Symptoms vanished after 2 treatments


I had been suffering from symptoms of menopause for 2 months and after 2 treatments from Theresa they vanished.

Jenny R.

I only wish I had seen Theresa first!


I had very painful hemorrhoids for 6 months and tried EVERYTHING. After being treated by Theresa 3 times they had significantly improved, and by the forth time they completely disappeared. I would highly recommend Theresa for any problem condition you might have, I only wish I had seen her first.

Paolo A.

A terrific experience


My name is Jack Gervais and I am the president of The Missions Homeowners Association, Inc. We are the HOA for the community Sundance. This is where I met Theresa Gilmore.

I am a 48 year flag football player and triathlete. Needless to say, I have had numerous injuries and ailments over the years.

Theresa’s first attempt at helping my body mend was when I had a severe migraine. With acupuncture and massage, she was able to get me to function again normally within 30 minutes.

Having such a great experience with her, I have had her resolve issues/injuries with my:

  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Back

I have had such a terrific experience that I have recommended her to family, friends and even my wife. We both swear by Theresa.


Jack Gervais
The Missions Homeowners Association

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