Our senses – hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste – are not only for enjoyment, they are also for protection and healing.  The nerves in our fingers keep us from damaging deeper tissues when we touch something hot, but our fingers also give wonderful vibes to us when we touch different textures.  Most of us have heard the term, music can be soothing to the savage beast.

If you  have an urge to put on perfume, smell clothes when they come fresh out of the dryer or have a rose or gardenia bush because bringing flowers in the house makes the whole house smell good then you may be particular to sense of smell.  If so, then you know how healing scent can be.  Aromatherapy, has been used for thousands of years to protect, calm, energize, heal and much more.

Most know of lavender’s use in massage as a calming, relaxing scent.  Listed below are a few more scents and some of their uses.

Eucalyptus, juniper berry and myrtle can be used after a workout to comfort sore, tired muscles.

Lemon, lemongrass, bergamont BF , balsam fir needle, sweet basil and rosemary can help inspire you.

If you need to be energized try lemon, peppermint, rosemary and sweet orange.

Carrot seed oil is a great essential oil for nourishing the skin and blended with rose, geranium and clary sage, this combination supports the transition during menopause.

Tea tree oil is commonly used in tooth as an anti-funal and for blemishes.

Marjoram essential oil warms and comforts body aches and pains.

Create an uplifting mood by using one or all of the following:  ylang ylang, ginger, amyris, or bergamont Bf

Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a spray bottle with water and spray in front of the air conditioner intake to make the whole house smell good, add a drop or two to an old, dry washcloth and throw it in the dryer instead of a dryer sheet, which are toxic by the way, or add a drop to a burning candle to scent a particular room.  If I have had a particularly high energy day, I  will spray my pillows with lavender before going to bed to create a sense of calm.

I use aromatherapy, not only in my practice tailored to each patients’ needs, but I also use it in my home to clean most everything as many essential oils have powerful anti-microbial properties and insect repelling power.  This helps me keep most harsh, toxic cleaning chemicals out of my home.

If you would like more uses for these oils, contact me at 305-812-1844.  I make most of my own natural cleaning products for a fraction of the cost, less plastics in the environment and a healthier home.