October is Breast Cancer Awareness month worldwide.  Since October is the month of Halloween, many think of it as a “scary” month, but if we are aware of the causes of breast cancer, there is no reason to be scared.  Especially because there is a belief that emotions can exacerbate physical disease, so being emotionally balanced is imperative to good health in general.

Always, the first thing to think is, am I eating a healthy diet.  Eliminating processed foods, this will eliminate food colors, preservatives, and sugar, limiting or eliminating dairy, eating organic, limiting or eliminating alcohol.  Did you know that cancer loves sugar?  Sugar is cancers favorite food.  Did you also know that cancer doesn’t like exercise?  Exercise is a must to be free from most disease, this is not new information, but we all need reminders.

Another thought is that wearing synthetic clothes, including bras can be unhealthy.  Breasts are glands, our skin absorbs anything applied to it and anything unnatural will affect your health.  Polyester, nylon  and other synthetic materials degrade when we sweat, and the breast glands absorb the oil from these materials.  Cotton is cooler too.

On my side of the health fence, breast cancer can be a manifestation of emotions that get stuck in the chest as the acupuncture channel that is related to the breasts is the liver, and the emotion commonly connected with the liver is anger, so holding onto emotions, not speaking your mind or just being angry or frustrated all the time is not good for breast health.

Regular acupuncture treatments can help keep your emotions in check and the energy in your body from getting “stuck.”  Herbal medicine might also be called for to help you stay healthy.