If your doctor says, “your joint pain is from wear and tear,” or “it’s in your genes,” I would look for another doctor. These are things my patients tell me, and it can’t be true or everyone that plays sports, walks daily or does ANYTHING with ANY joint would have pain from worn joints and every member of the family will have it too.
The truth is, it is usually inflammation that causes joints to begin to wear and the cause is usually the food we are eating and, yes, if there is joint degeneration and pain in your family and you eat the same as they do, you will probably suffer with the same diseases.
There are exceptions though. Our emotions can also be a factor. Being too rigid in our thoughts and lifestyle can also cause our body to become rigid. That is were acupuncture and homeopathy shine. Drugs can’t fix that, but I have first hand experience with excellent results.
So if you have a hard time taking those first steps getting out of bed in the morning or your pain comes on as the day goes on and you don’t want to resort to drugs on a daily basis, acupuncture and homeopathy may be the answer.