The ear is a biological holograph of the whole body. Think of the ear as an inverted fetus, and you can see that the head would be where the ear lobe is and so on. So it is a perfect image for treatment of the whole body and even better, it is so close to the brain that results happen fast.
There are many nerves from the brain that branch into the ear. Using vaccaria seeds, on an adhesive patch, put on the area of concern sends messages to the brain that help treat that part of the body.
The skin of the ear should be one color, smooth, without swellings, depressions, protruding veins that are red or purple. Red and swollen areas and veins mean inflammation, purple veins mean there is dead blood, white areas tell us there is a chronic deficient condition.
See the picture showing the red veins near the top of the ear, that is representative of the knee area.
The person in the above picture, had a serious knee condition and had surgery. The ear shows that trauma, and just because this person had surgery does not mean the problem is resolved as shown in the picture of the ear. She went for treatment because she still had pain.
Earseeds can treat many conditions from head to toe, headaches to foot pain. The body talks in symptoms and pain is one of the warnings of a problem, but there are many other ways the body shows an acupuncturist that something is not working correctly. The ear is one of those warning systems.