Our emotions define us, literally. We can’t separate mental and physical from emotional since we live in one body. Emotion is something that shows on our face and over long periods of stress that emotion gets etched in our face.  Negative emotions, if not dealt with properly or allowed to continue for too long, will also eventually become physical disease.

Think about people you went to high school with. Twenty years later, at your reunion, some of them look the same and then there are others that have to tell you their name, and you are embarrassed when you realize you didn’t recognize them. If they have not had plastic surgery, emotional stress has probably gotten the best of them.

Do you have fears that you can’t explain, are you easily frightened, or shy, do you lack confidence, suffer from indecision, have there been past traumas in your life which you may not have completely recovered from, are you unable to forgive yourself, are you possessive, jealous, or impatient? All these emotions and many more can be treated, gently and without side effects, using flower essences.

I will give you an example.  A patient, who was two months pregnant, told me that her two year old daughter started hitting her in the stomach shortly after she told her daughter that she was going to have a sibling.  Feeling this behavior was probably jealousy, I gave her a flower essence for this mental state.  Two weeks later she reported that the behavior had completely stopped.

So if you notice negative emotional states in a family member, or friend remember there is a safe, gentle answer for them that has no side effects.