If you are not ready to give in to wearing glasses, you find wearing glasses annoying, you have to many lying around or you keep breaking or loosing the reading glasses you keep trying not to admit you need, try vision therapy glasses and give your eyes the exercise they need to stay healthy and keep or get back the vision you want.
If you think exercise is just for your the rest of your body, think about this…your eyes have many muscles that also need exercise. With all of us working daily on the computer or phone most of the day, we are not giving our eyes the exercise they need to keep our vision healthy. We are looking at one depth most of the day, and the blue light from our electronics is damaging our eyes as well. Purchase a blue light blocking screen for all your electronic devices, take breaks from looking at the screen, use the eye therapy glasses when you can safely and check out these daily eye exercises:
* look far away then at your nose 15 times
* look right then left with just your eyes 15 times
* roll your eyes in circles in both directions 15 times