Statistics say between 50 – 60% of women will get a bladder infection at some point in their lifetime. A  small group of women who had recurring UTIs.were followed for 3 years as they were treated with homeopathic medicine. They found that homeopathy was completely effective in reducing and/or stopping the infections 75% of the time. And those that an infection recurred, it was very quickly brought under control.

Our emotions can play a big part in why we get recurrent UTIs.  Honeymoon cystitis, is a name used for UTIs that occur the first time a women has sexual intercourse.  Homeopathy has medicines that will resolve these UTIs, as well as UTIs that come on when someone is overworked, not getting enough rest and is very irritable.  Another presentation is, this person may be very sensitive, clingy during a UTI.  Similarly, women that have had recurrent UTIs after being sexually abused are also greatly helped with homeopathy.