They’re calling it “The Worst Environmental Disaster In US History”…

Early February 2023, a train carrying harmful chemicals derailed in Ohio, igniting a massive fire that covered East Palestine in thick, black, toxic smoke and hazardous materials were released into the air, soil and local waterways…affecting more than seven miles of stream and killing thousands of fish. I believe many more than seven miles as people five hours away in Lexington, KY said birds were falling from the sky.

It will take years to get cleaned up and folks around the area will be dealing with the toxic fall-out for years to come, but think about how toxic YOUR home may be no matter where you live.

Here are some tops for keeping toxins to a minimum in your home.

  • Always remove your shoes. In an average day around town – you fill up with gas, walk through a park and use a public restroom… toxins attach to your shoes with every step (petrol, pesticides, ecoli), all that comes home with you.
  • Turn on your range fan when cooking. Radon, heavy metals, lead, arsenic and formaldehyde are released when cooking.
  • Filter all of your water. Most people filter drinking water – but did you know that one hot shower with unfiltered water, could expose you to the equivalent of drinking ten glasses of chlorinated water?
  • Open your windows ten minutes a day to reduce particulates, mold, toxic off-gasses and dead skin cells.
  • Be EMF-conscious.  I put a timer on my router that goes off at 10 pm until morning to cut down on the effects of Electric Magnetic Fields on my health. Did you know that the literature that comes with your phone, warns you not to wear the phone next to your body, releasing them from liability.
  • Purchase shungite stones as they neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs.  I have one in each corner of my home, I wear a shungite bracelet, have one on the dashboard of my car, and I have shungite chips on my compter and cell phone.

I encourage everyone to test their home for toxins, because you don’t know what hidden health triggers are lurking inside.

Even more important, If you’re sick, fatigued and don’t know how to get well – there’s likely a hidden trigger lurking in your cells. Much of the time it is heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, especially if you have a thyroid condition.

Removing toxins from your environment is a great start, but you need to heal the cell before you can get well. If interested, I can get cellular health test kits.