Iced drinks are between 32° and 35°. That is really cold for a body that is suppose to be 98.6°. Ice is just water and water has no calories, so you would think it has no consequences for your health, but that would be wrong. Think about what happens in the north during winter…. pipes freeze and burst. Lets translate that to the body and explore the amazing warning system that we ignore. We drink something ice cold, and our teeth warn us by that sensitivity we feel….but instead of heeding the warning, and realizing the body is doing its job, we use a straw, bypassing the first warning system in the body. Some of us even go to the dentist and/or purchase desensitizing toothpaste. Think about “brain freeze”….that is another warning we ignore.  
The heart, which is a muscle, is very close to the esophagus, and when muscles get cold they contract. This stops the heart from being able to efficiently do its job and can also create an angina attack. So, now your are constantly drinking ice cold drinks that also cool the blood in the vessels surrounding the esophagus and stomach causing the blood in your body to move slower, causing poor blood circulation in your whole body. Don’t believe me? Why do you think you are suppose to put ice on an injury? It’s not just to stop swelling, ice stops bleeding too. But we don’t want our blood to stop under normal circumstances. When the heart is contracted because it is so cold and the blood in the vessels in the area is not flowing properly this makes it almost impossible for the blood in the extremities to be moved as they are so far from you heart and we are a nation that sits too much. If you have lack of circulation in your extremities, i.e. numbness, tingling, pain, purple veins, I have several herbal formulas that will treat all those conditions and many more as a result of poor blood circulation. Blood circulation is imperative to health, because oxygen flows through the body in the blood. Think about how long you can live without air.  Oxygen heal everything.
I have treated people that were diagnosed with lung diseases, like asthma, COPD and emphysema, that had no history or reason to have a lung disease, using these formulas and when their circulation was restored, the breathing concerns disappeared. Cool is OK, ice cold is not.

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