Sciatic pain is not always an orthopedic event.  Colitis can have a referral pain from the right hip about the piriformis muscle and may travel down to the knee.  The patient may have diarrhea or loose stools. If treatment for sciatica is not successful, that is a key for me that there is an underlying condition, usually inflammation including colitis; although, it can be kidney stones as well.  The gall bladder channel goes right through the sciatic area so gall stones are another consideration. IBS is another cause of digestive disease and can result in sciatic pain. Acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathic medicines may help these conditions.

Many with colitis have parasites, even if a blood test comes back negative for parasites, more often than not, it is parasites. and there is also a an acupuncture point that makes parasites move out.  There are hundreds of different parasites, and we eat many raw foods. About 1 in 3 with digestive concerns may have parasites.

We eat in restaurants where we don’t know how others are preparing our food, and we eat lots of raw foods like salads and sushi. Some signs of parasites are frequent nose picking and scratching, itchy ears as well as anal itching.  If you have you ever awakened in the night and had an anal itch, it more than likely is parasites. If you are a couch potato or work sitting down and are still long enough during the day you may experience daytime anal itching. They are active when you are not.

In children, you will see a lot of nose picking, digging in the ears, scratching of the anus and they can be irritable, angry and very restless, not being able to sit still, again because when they are still the parasites are active causing these itching events.  Children pick up things from the floor and put them in their mouths and crawl on the floor and put their hands in their mouths.

Natural therapies like homeopathy and herbal medicine may rid you of these parasites, and there is also a an acupuncture point that makes parasites “move out.”  We do it for our pets yearly, don’t you think we should do the same.