COVID-19 has changed our world. We are using more antibacterial products than ever before. The thing is, COVID is a virus, not a bacteria so we would be better served by just plain hand washing regularly and without antibacterial soap. I have been telling people for years to think logically and these circumstances won’t get better if we forget logic. This post is not about COVID, but it is about the beneficial bacteria our body produces to help keep us healthy.

Our body creates beneficial bacteria to keep us healthy, that is a fact. It is also a fact that antibiotics kill good bacteria along with the bad. So do antibacterial soaps and mouthwash. and any other antibacterial anything. Recent research uncovers a new factor in that also upsets our beneficial bacteria. A chemical in some mouthwashes, is known to upset the bacteria in the mouth and can be a factor in high blood pressure and diabetes.

Recent research shows Our body is very intelligent and knows how to stay healthy as long as we have a healthy diet, get exercise, proper rest and keep stress to low levels. That is the equation for a healthy life, and there is no way around that. Leave one out of the equation, and you are flirting with disease.