Did you know that the FDA requires a “black box” warning label on Ritalin?  That means that research has shown that Ritalin carries a high risk of serious, or even life threatening side effects.  Did you know that Ritalin is also listed as “highly addictive” and children that have been prescribed and used this drug are three times more likely to use nicotine and other illegal drugs.

The long term effects of Ritalin use in children can include memory problems and depression later in life as this drug disrupts development of brain cells in the hyppocampus.   The hyppocampus is the region of the brain critical to memory and behavior.  In Alzheimer’s disease, the hyppocampus is the first area to suffer damage.  Ritalin also severely reduces blood flow to the brain creating a perfect storm for stroke.  We all know stroke is one of the leading causes of death.

Although many will say that diet is not a factor in ADHD, we are a product of what we eat.  Garbage in garbage out.  A car is a perfect example.  Cars need proper fuel in the tank, proper  fluid in the  transmission, and oil in the proper place to get you where you want to go.  The body is the same.  Where does soda fit into the four food groups?  I have still not found a place for it, but many continue to drink soda daily and some at every meal.  I am not saying you can’t treat yourself now and then,  but you body can’t recover from daily abuse.  Are you putting soda in your body, perfect machine, daily?

You only get ONE body.  A car can be replaced if you mess it up.  So if you want your body to get you through  life, please think about what you put in it.  If you get your diet in order, I will bet most of the symptoms of ADHD will disappear.  If you still have trouble concentrating and sitting still, acupuncture and herbal medicine can be a great alternative.