Healthy aging begins early in life, so having a healthy diet and exercise plan should be a lifelong idea.  Improving health impacts the whole family.

There is a saying, most people spend their health trying to achieve wealth and then spend their wealth trying to get their health back.  So it makes better money sense to do that all your life.  Calendar in time to get some type of exercise at least 6 days a week.  Take the stairs, park far from any building or shopping center, I find a shady spot, walk in to get vitamin D and exercise.

Diet would be the next extremely important part of healthy aging.  Important things to remember are eat less, eat early, especially the last meal of the day, chew well, eliminate sugar, as sugar is food for cancer, vegetable and canola oils are toxic, use real butter instead.  Remember milk is for babies, when you have teeth, chew your food, don’t drink it.  Read labels as preservatives and food coloring can have health consequences.