What a wonderful cleansing rain we had this morning in Miami. This reminded me that it is time to do spring cleaning.  I was lucky enough to have some time this morning to go outside and pick up the leaves the rain washed to the ground. But a conversation with a neighbor made me  think about spring cleaning for the brain. What I am referring to is changing misconceptions about what healthy is.

I would love to see America do some spring cleaning in their minds to change some of the misconceptions about health. Let’s take a look at athletes and people that exercise regularly.  Just because you can lift 300 pounds does not make you healthy. A health insurance agent recently told me that body builders and trainers are some of his most unhealthy clients he insures.  Physical fitness only is the ability to perform a specific task, it does not indicate any level of health. I’m not saying it is not important to be physically fit, it is just not an indication of health.

Back to this neighbor that stopped to chat. Eventually because this person knows I’m in the healthcare field, the conversation turned to health. This neighbor mentioned a pain and after seeing the doctor, it was discovered there was a 70% blockage in one artery.  A procedure was done to clear the artery, and the neighbor said thank God I’m healthy.  I asked if the neighbor was on any medication and three were rattled off that has been prescribed for a long time. That means this person does not understand the concept of health.  Western medicine treats disease by disturbing your symptoms.  If you stop taking the medicine, the symptoms usually come back.  Healthy means you have a lack of symptoms without taking any medicines.  The need to take medication means you have a disease. So let’s break down the word “disease.”     dis-ease, meaning the body is not at ease, or ill health.

So let’s talk about where many “diseases” begin.  Burping…it is very common, and in some cultures burping signifies satiety and a signal to the host that the guest has enjoyed the food, is full and is regarded as acceptable, but burping is not normal and can actually be a sign that the body can’t digest fats.  Years of reflux, belching, indigestion, and diarrhea can clog the arteries and cause heart disease and many other diseases. 

If you feel that you need to do some “spring cleaning ” for your body, call to make an appointment and I will help you get on that path.