A Skeptic Convinced


I have been treated by Theresa for over a year now. It is a pleasure to submit this testimonial as I can highly recommend her treatments, her professional attitude and kindly approach.
She listened to my stories, asked questions, suggested a treatment and at all times explained how the treatment would work.

I remain without a medical diagnosis from my regular MD or my Gastro specialist or the hospital doctors that treated me 5 times in 2 years. Since commencing Theresa’s holistic approach to my care, I feel 100 % better. My condition is under control and I look forward to continuing my therapy under her instruction.

I had a deep bone pain in my right forearm for over forty years after going through a glass door.  Theresa gave me a homeopathic medicine to take a few times and the pain is gone since last July. Amazing!

I do not profess an understanding of these matters, but to be honest I do not care. It works, that’s all that’s important. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in improving their health.