I was in a terrible accident a few weeks ago. This accident resulted in a concussion, four herniated discs, and an inverted neck. To say I was in excruciating pain is an understatement. When I first went to see Theresa, I could not sit or stand still for more than five minutes – the pain was so terrible. I was also experiencing some of the worse migraines I had ever experienced, it felt like my brain was bruised and rattled. After one session with Theresa, I have not had a single headache. She used cupping, acupuncture, massage and homeopathic modalities to address all of my pains and aches. I left feeling immensely relieved and relaxed. At one point, it felt like I was floating – this is how relaxed and ease-full her treatment was. I cannot recommend her enough. I am no longer going to my chiropractor six times a week, we’ve brought it down to three weekly visits. I will continue to do sessions with her as it has already had such a welcomed benefit to my body and mental well-being.