It’s May sixth and if your thinking, I should not have had those last few Coronas or margaritas, your liver may be thinking the same.
It is still considered spring in most of the country and spring is the season of the liver. A great time to be really kind to the liver and gallbladder, a great time to clean the inside of your body.
Think of it as spring cleaning for the body. We clean the outside daily, don’t you think it’s only fair to clean the inside at least a few times a year. Our car does not work well when the engine is dirty, and, guess what, neither does our body.
If you suffer from any of the following: regular headaches, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, especially that travels down the side of the leg, planar fasciitis, or gout, visual changes in the veins your legs, it is certainly time to clean the inside of your body.
Liver DTX is a great way to clean the sludge from the inside of your body, cleaning your body’s filter is imperative to good health.