When you look at the ear, I hope you can see the shape of an inverted fetus.  Acupuncturists use the ear as a tool to diagnose, and treat many health conditions including but not limited to anxiety, insomnia, depression, smoking, focus and memory, PTSD, stress, libido, weight loss, , sciatic and most pain, digestive, fertility, menstrual, hormonal conditions and more.

Healing can happen quickly when you use the ear as a healing tool, because the nerves that innervate the ear have a direct connection with the nervous system.  Messages through the nervous system travel with lighting speed, unlike the endocrine system that can take more time to get results.

Give it a try, you may be surprised!

Reflex zones on the ear. Acupuncture points on the ear. Map of acupuncture points (reflex zones) on the ear.