You do it for your car and the air conditioner in your home, don’t you think it is time to clean your liver, the body’s filter too?  Would you ever dream of having your car for 10 or more years and not changing the oil and filter? When you drive out of the shop, you can feel that you have done something really good for the car.  Well, that is how you will feel, and more, when you clean your liver and gallbladder.

Even if you have had your gallbladder removed, the truth is that stones are actually formed in the liver and do not show up in a diagnostic test.   One woman’s doctor told her she had an inflamed gallbladder but no stones. She said “major BS” after doing the cleanse.

Numerous health conditions can be helped greatly, and even eliminated, by cleansing the liver and gallbladder including headaches, neck pain, sciatica, and foot pain especially if you have never had an injury to those areas, as well as skin conditions, sinus and  eye conditions, arthritis, and even blood sugar imbalances.

If you are having problems controlling high blood sugar, you know you are doing all the right things, proper diet, exercise, even taking the medicine your doctor prescribed, you may want to consider your liver/gallbladder could just need a good cleanse.

I know a woman that could not get her blood sugar down to healthy numbers for more than a year even while on medication from her health care practitioner and before she even finished the cleanse, she was surprised her blood sugar went down even though she had been drinking 32 ounces of apple juice a day, yes a day, for the past 6 days in preparation for the actual day of the cleanse.

If your doctor tells you your liver enzymes are elevated, know that you have already have advanced liver cell destruction. If though, you change your lifestyle and do a proper liver cleanse you can turn that around as the liver is a very resilient organ and can regenerate.

The fact is, if you have any chronic disease you could benefit by doing a cleanse. A clean liver and gallbladder can mean weight loss, more energy, eliminating medications you are on as well as eliminating chronic disease and pain.