It has been about a month since our world changed. We are staying home and practicing social distancing when we do go out. If you are like me, your to-do list is getting smaller, your home and yard are now in the best shape they have been in a decade, and now you are looking for something new to focus on.
The first thing I did was add more time for exercise to my list of things to do, because I have more time.
Have you been taking care of you? If not, YOU should be the next most important item on your list, if it was not a month ago. This is a great time to step back, take a good look at your diet, exercise and sleep routine and how stress affects you.
I believe in eating healthy so you don’t have to take supplements, but this is a very stressful time, and hopefully, your life is much less stressful than what we are experiencing. If not, but during those times, it is important to take B vitamins, magnesium, zinc. Omega 3’s are also very important and they are essential, which means they have to be added to the diet.
Our body only recognizes food as nutrition, so supplements made in a factory of synthetic vitamins are not something I would take. I trust Standard Process as they have their own organic farm and make their vitamins, minerals and herbs from the food grown and raised on the farm.
If you want the best supplements, you can’t get any better than Standard Process.Animals won’t eat what they don’t like so they are a good judge in my mind. Take a look at my cat, Bubbles, looking for his supplements in this box of people and pets vitamins as I was putting them away.