Many do extensive research when they make even minor purchases making sure their money is well spent so they get the best product available, but when it comes to their body, our most important asset that CAN’T be replaced, no research is done and little concern is taken. Many leave decisions about their health to someone else. You can by a new car, computer, phone, etc…., but you only have one chance with your body. So why do most people take better care of their personal property?

Many in the United States will not question doctor’s opinions.  You have to remember, though, many doctors are paid by the pharmaceutical companies to push their drugs so whose interest do you think they really have? Drug reps. regularly feed doctors and their staff and several years ago, research showed that a local endocrinologist was paid $80,000 by a drug company.

When emergencies happen, we have the best care system in the world, but beyond that, our current medical system has no clue when it comes to chronic illness.  The United States practices a “put duck tape on the dashboard light” kind of medicine.  We were not born with buttons and zippers to just open our bodies and take things out or put stuff in at will. When a doctor gives a diagnosis, the first thing that should be done is research and getting a second opinion.  We need to understand that our body is a perfect machine that will perform if it is taken care of properly.  Take charge of your health, get to the root of the problem, and make the necessary changes to regain your health.

If you stay as close to nature as you can, you will most likely live a healthy life.  If you still don’t feel your best after making the necessary changes, consider homeopathic medicine or acupuncture.

I do Career Day at local grade and middle schools, because children need to have information about healthy living in their formative years so they have information to make good choices about their bodies and health.  Our children are bombarded with commercials for products that should never be put in someone’s body because they are NOT food.

You are what you eat.  Soda and pizza are not a meal and should not be eaten regularly, and certainly not even weekly.  Where is soda on the food pyramid?  Nowhere, because it is NOT food and should be for special occasions ONLY.  Look on Utube for Dr. Lustig’s video on  the poison, high fructose corn syrup, one of the main ingredients in soda.