The new year usually brings promises to make changes in many areas of our lives, including our health.  Changing some of our eating habits is a good start to better health. I am always looking for ways to support my health and the health of my clients, along with ways to help them understand the importance.

I usually refer to cars to explain why you need to do more.  Think about it this way….you can put the best/most expensive gas in your car, but you still need to change the oil and filter.  They are two completely different systems.  The same goes with your body.  Purposefully cleaning/detoxing the body twice a year .  It is remarkable how positively the mind and body respond to detoxification and cleansing.

Gallstone disease remains one of the most common medical problems leading to surgical intervention, with close to 500,000 cholecystectomies performed each year.  There is no need to loose an organ when cleaning the inside of the body twice a year can keep that from happening. A seven day detox diet and a few bottles of detox herbs, and your engine will work better. Contact your acupuncturist or naturopath to get your healthy start to the year.