Are you living with pain. Do you have a hard time concentrating, because pain consumes your thoughts.  Have you had a traumatic injury that has never healed, and you are living with the pain. Does your doctor tell you surgery is not an option yet, so the pain becomes your life.
If you have ever had a traumatic injury, surgery or had a cesarean section, you have dead blood that could be the cause of your pain. If you have pain and have never had a traumatic injury, you would have to stop and think why would the body be in pain without a cause.
The body is an amazing machine that should, in most cases, heal on it’s own with time and proper nutrition. When it does not, you would have to also wonder why. It is my belief that the cause and the answer can be explained using the acupuncture meridians. So if you have not found the answer to your pain or are looking for another option, try calling an acupuncturist. Herbal medicines would also be a consideration.