I am so excited to share that recent research proves acupuncture on a specific point on the lower leg reverses the formation of foam cells that are the beginnings of atherosclerotic plaque that can raise the risk of heart attack and stroke.   This is wonderful news because statins side effects can include mild to severe pain as well as liver damage, kidney failure and even death.  Acupuncture is safe and without side effects so those that are not willing to compromise their health now have other options. You must realize though that acupuncture in not a substitute for a healthy diet.

Most people believe that fats are the culprit in high cholesterol, but sugar is also a major factor.   If you can get sugar out of your diet, it can not only lower cholesterol and also eliminate many other health conditions.  The power of sugar must be so strong, because when I bring up the “S” word to my patients, I get a lot of resistance, excuses and denial.