There are no “miracle pills” that can MAKE you loose weight….sorry to burst any bubbles. But there are many avenues you should/could explore to achieve your weight loss goal for 2024.  My first thought is to say we should recognize that stress can be a trigger for making poor food choices and also eating too much.  The second thought is to recognize what that trigger is or realize when our lives made that turn to poor eating habits or over eating. This is where a practitioner of homeopathic medicine can help you.

Homeopathic medicines can help with physical symptoms as well as the way you feel about yourself, the world around you and thus how you think/react when it comes to food. Let me try to explain using a commonly known homeopathic medicine.  Many people know to use the homeopathic medicine arnica for traumatic injuries.  Arnica, in a low potency, helps with pain, inflammation and brusing, but this beautiful medicine, used in a higher potency, can also treat mental strain or shock, especially when caused by the sudden realization of financial loss. People needing arnica cannot bear any pain and want to be left alone.

To help understand a bit further, I will speak of another homeopathic medicine used for injuries but mostly used as the last medicine after injuries to the body.   Rhus tox is used to alleviate pain and stiffness when you first move, ie, just getting out of bed in the morning or rising from a sitting position.  The stiffness/rigidness  is alleviated after a handful of steps but returns when you are still for long periods of time.  I call it rusty.  Many might thing of the word arthritis to describe the pain that “sets in” after an injury.  Rhus tox can also be used for people that are very “rigid” in their routines of daily living.  If their day does not go exactly as planned, that may upset them to the extent that they might develop a physical rigidness as well.

If a person fits either of the above descriptions, that might trigger poor eating habits.  Please remember that there are hundreds of homeopathic medicines and seeking the advice of a professional homeopath to pick the best medicine for each person is important.  These are just examples of two that can be used for physical as well as emotional imbalances.