There are many articles on the internet about scars causing pain, even extremely debilitating pain, but scars can also be the cause of other health conditions.  While recently treating a new patient with pain in the left leg and using a common acupuncture imaging protocol, I noticed a scar on the anterior part of the right shoulder.  The scar was from an auto accident and was located on the Large Intestine Channel.  The patients intake information also indicated this patient had long standing issues with constipation, I treated the area above and below the scar with needles.   The patient made a visit to  the restroom immediately after treatment and returned with news that the treatment must have worked.  A conversation several days later confirmed that she is still doing well.

If you have been searching for answers to health issues that have not been resolved by other means, and you have any scars, they may be the missing piece to the puzzle.  Scars, especially on the torso, as many of the acupuncture meridians run through this area.  Women that have had cesarean births, or those that have had open heart surgery as these are some of the largest scars.  Also, those that had surgery years and decades ago because the surgical openings were much larger in the past.