I just read that every six minutes a women is diagnosed with one of the following cancers….ovarian, cervical, vaginal, endometrial or vulvar. There are different symptoms for each cancer, but some symptoms overlap.

These symptoms include….spotting between cycles, weight loss, extreme fatigue, frequent urination, pelvic pain or discomfort, itching of the external genitalia, post menopausal bleeding, irregular cycles, long or heavy periods, pain and discomfort of the pelvic area, external genital skin changes, painful intercourse or bleeding after intercourse, unusual smelly discharge, ulcer or mass on genitalia.

Some of the above symptoms can also be diagnosed as leukorrhea, and can be treated with antibiotics, and herbal or homeopathic medicines.   Pain and discomfort of pelvic area can be diagnosed as blood stagnation, which translates to dead blood in the vessels and body from injuries and surgeries and, bleeding symptoms, fatigue and frequent urination is considered  “qi” imbalances. These concerns can be resolved and /or strengthened with herbal medicines or balanced with homeopathic medicines

Regular checkups and knowing family history can prevent or catch cancer in its early stages. Many cancers are preventable with a healthy diet, exercise and in the case of HPV, using a condom. We should all know that limiting processed sugars, eating organic, choosing simple foods without preservatives, chemical additives and food coloring, eating smaller meals with fresh ingredients, eliminating or limiting alcohol intake can be the answer to many diseases including cancer.