My journey about health began in the early 90″s, when I became aware that hormones were being used in our cattle, and I also read that our crops were being manipulated as well, they were being genetically modified and that didn’t sit well in my gut. Then one of my cats needed care, and I found a course titled, “Care for Your Pets Naturally,”  The veterinarian started the class with the line, “if you stay as close to nature as you can, you will never go wrong.” Those words are still part of my daily life.   I have been saying for probably two decades, that our body only recognizes food at nutrition.  Pease read the link below that validates my thinking.

This idea that food is our best source of nutrition should also be thought of when purchasing supplements. The supplements you purchase should be made of food, not minerals and vitamins made in a lab or factory.  Remember stay as close to nature as you can.