Sweat is something most people don’t want to experience when it comes to body functions. We worry about how we smell and how our clothes look, but sweating is more important than you may think. Sweat keeps you cool so it is literally your body’s air conditioner, and it helps the body get rid of toxins, that is why we get body odor.

I know, you are worried about smelling bad if you don’t use that antiperspirant. I am not saying you should not to use a deodorant but antiperspirants are not the healthiest choice.  Aluminum, a heavt, toxic metal, is one of the ingredients in most antiperspirants and has been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s. There are many healthier choices.

Many companies make natural deodorants and some work and some not so much.  Early on I used a Mennen Speed Stick product now called Ocean Surf, but I now know that the rest of the ingredients are toxic in other ways.

I now use a combination of magnesium oil spray and I add a few drops of pure therapeutic grade essential oils that have anti microbial properties.  So I get not only a completely natural deodorant, but I also get my magnesium for the day and the benefit of the amazing healing properties of the essential oil. I have also found that making a paste of baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter with a few drops of essential oil will keep you smelling fresh for the day.  I like to add lime and bergamot,  If you are wearing a dark clothes, make sure you wipe off the excess before putting on your clothes. It is also good to change what you use from time to time anyway, so I tend to use the magnesium oil spray on the dark clothes days, as our body can become use to the same thing after a while so it is good to alternate between the two.

You may also want to take a deeper look at why you have body odor.  Our diets are most likely the culprit. If you stay away from processed foods, sugar and alcohol, most will find that they will not only feel and be healthier, but you will also have less body odor.