If you are on a path to get healthy or you already consider your diet healthy, try some of the yummy recipes posted on the Wildly Organic website.  I have and have not been disappointed.  I also keep their nuts stocked in my pantry to add to many of the sweet treats recipes made without refined sugars that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Below is one I can’t wait to try.  When I was growing up, mom, bless her heart, was so busy trying to keep her sanity raising seven children that dinner was the last thing she worried about and had time for.  So gourmet was not on the menu.  We ate a lot of canned foods and beets were one of my least favorites.  I have come to love beets as fresh roasted ones are wonderful.

Please always remember, to be truly healthy, you should get some type of exercise that raises your heart rate and brings about some sweating.