Here are a few things you can implement to enjoy more ZZZZZZs, but if these don’t help or you are already following all of the items listed, make an appointment with me so we can figure out what else may be keeping you from a better nights sleep.

-Make sure the room is dark
-Only use the bedroom for sleep and sex
-Make sure your last meal is at least 2 hours before you retire for the night
-Keep at regular schedule/got to sleep at the same time every night
-To keep your circadian clock working, go to bet by 10:30 and asleep by 11
-Plan to get at least 7 hours sleep/8 would be optimal
-Write down any unfinished items from the day/things you need to remember for the following day so you don’t worry about them while you should be resting
-Keep your bedroom neat, a cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind and can keep you from getting a good nights sleep.