You  would not put peanut butter in your car’s engine, would you?  Then why does the FDA, yes the FDA, say it is OK to put antifreeze in your ice cream.  Propylene glycol  is an ingredient used to keep ice cream from getting  hard making it easier to scoop.  True is it not ethylene glycol, the chemical used in your radiator; but, still a related chemical.  The FDA has actually given this chemical GRAS status.  Which means it is generally recognized as safe.  How do you like that?

You probably thought like I did that everything has to be labeled.  Well, not true.  Something called industry standard allows manufacturers exemptions with incidental food additives.  Which means that if every manufacturer does it, it does not have to be on the label.  Propylene glycol is known to cause kidney and liver damage.  And true,  there is only a small amount in ice cream, but it is in many other food products as well and not labeled because of INDUSTRY STANDARD.  So it will kill us slowly.

All the the more reason to stay as close to nature as we can.  There you can’t go wrong.  Eat WHOLE foods.  Food in the form that it came to us in, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, grains,fruits, vegetables, beans.  There is plenty of food to eat that IS healthy.  Convenience can cost us our health.  Make time for your health.