Not All Salt is CREATED Equal

Health experts have been saying for decades that salt is bad for you and your blood pressure.  I will agree that BAD salt is bad for you.  Table salt, the kind in the blue container with the little girl and the umbrella and like brands, is processed which means it is...

Pain Relief – and More

This patient first came to me for chronic pain, and we are now working on other issues.  I am so happy to have been able to help her in her quest for better health.  See what she has to say so far.

Magnesium – Not just for Bone Health

I am all about killing two, or three or four birds with one stone so I have been using magnesium oil spray as a deodorant to stay away from the toxic effects of the aluminum in most deodorants as well as strengthening  bones and teeth and as a muscle relaxer. It is...
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